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Deset naprema jedan

Original title: Deset naprema jedan
Played by: Tatjana Kecman
October 2018

Deset razloga da ne uđete u bračnu zajednicu i jedan da to učinite!

Glumica Tatjana Kecman u svom autorskom projektu na duhovit način savetuje muškarcima zašto da se ne ožene i kakve pripadnice lepšeg pola treba da izbegavaju. Kecmanova je odglumila deset potpuno različitih tipova žena i pokušala da otkrije njihove maske, igre i sitne laži. Da li ste udati? Oženjeni? Koji su razlozi da to učinite ili ne? Odgovore ćete dobiti na predstavi "Deset naprema jedan". Da li ste vi jedan od onih muškaraca (ili poznajete takve) koji imaju paničan strah od braka i bračnih obaveza? Sjajna komedija o deset ženskih likova u kojima će se mnoge žene pronaći. U toku od sat vremena trajanja predstave stavite se u kožu muškarca koji se našao pred velikom dilemom – OŽENITI SE ILI NE? an an actor

Original title:  Glumac je Glumac
Played by:  Zijah A Sokolovic
February 2018

Zijah Sokolovic returns to Australia. The reason: 40 years of the legendary cult theatre play "Actor... is an an actor" written by Sokolovic, monodrama that is translated to many languages and played in more than 20 countries.  It's been recognised by over 50 awards, played more than 1600 times, with over 1000 critics and articles written about it.  Basically, a play that needs to be experienced, not just seen

Rade Serbedzija

Original title:  Rade Serbedzija and Miroslav Tadic - I have a song for you
January 2018

Rade Serbedzija & Miroslav Tadic live in concert After European and North American tours, these renowned artists are arriving to the Australian continent for the first time to perform in live concert. Promising an unforgettable night for dreamers, romantics and poetry lovers. Rade Šerbedžija is a distinguished actor, director, and musician. He is one of the most popular European actors of all times and is known for his many roles in Hollywood movies. Rade Šerbedžija is also a well recognised musician and poet, performing all over the world. This year Šerbedžija is a member of The Academy Award Judges Panel.
Miroslav Tadić, is one of the world’s best guitarists, composer, improviser and music educator of Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian origins. He performs regularly in Europe, Japan and the United States and made over 30 CDs for numerous labels. Tadić teaches guitar, improvisation, and Balkan Music at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.


An evening with Ivan Bekjarev

Original title:  Vece sa Ivanom Bekjarevim
Played by:  Ivan Bekjarev
December 2017

For the lovers and fans of a good comedy, you will have the opportunity to be entertained by one of the most popular actors from ex Yugoslavia, who will bring a smile to your face with pieces from Shakespeare, Dusko Radovic, Ljubivoje Rsumovic and many more along with brilliant improvisation and direct communication with the audience.

Stolen Personality

Original title:  Ukradena Licnos'
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic
November 2017

This play is a story of a moral portrait of a practical, modern and adaptive person who, for the purpose of achieving personal goals is prepared to accept unusual conditions lightly - while the same conditions for anyone else would be unacceptable as they involve humiliation and moral destruction.  With skilful ability and spirit of a village rascal, he forces himself upon the European Union as a candidate for a president.  None of the conditions imposed are difficult for him to fulfil, as his offering doesn't cost him personally anything.  To him betrayal is acceptable, and he refers to that betrayal as 'cooperation'.  The comedy also talks about the failure of social values and the society in general where Sojic (as a caricatural metaphor) doesn't stagnate socially, but he in fact prospers.  This time, the actor on the stage doesn't have a name, and does everything to interpret the scrips in his own way, similarly to his interpretations in the popular movies and series.