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Mixed Marriage

Original title:  M(j)esoviti brak
Played by:  Dara Dzokic and Mima Karadzic

'Mixed Marriage' is a story about marriage between a Montenegrin man and a Serbian woman, temporarily working in Switzerland, who decide to celebrate their 20th anniversary in a hotel at Lake Constance.  The night brings retrieval of memories from the time spent together.  They came to a realisation that the situation at the Balkans has impacted their own lives, while on the other hand their sons are influenced by the western trend - one is a skinhead with a girlfriend by the surname of Artukovic, the other a punk who's girlfriend is from Morocco, with brown skin.  Dzokic and Karadzic effortlessly carry the dialogue, full of witty replicas, and unavoidably juicy Serbo-Montenegrin vocabulary.  Although forced to laugh constantly, the audience finds time to compare with their own lives and circumstances which have voluntarily or not entered their lives.

Smoke of the lace

Original title:  Cipkin dim
Played by:  Jelena Golubovic and Ivana Jovanovic

Remarkable, provocative and unforgettable erotic confession of a woman's heart.  The play intrigued the souls of our community.  Subject of discussion and debate.  Generally known as 'The Vagina Monologues', it's based on the motives from the novel by Eve Elstner.  The adaptation and performance of this piece is sensational and besides Belgrade it is performed in Russia, Canada, Italy and England.  The experiences which are in essence erotic are made up of emotions and are in no way vulgar.  For some it might be scandalous but very witty, true and open.  New, fresh and modern theatre trends.  Young and beautiful actresses, representing the new Serbian acting generation.

Unusually usual evening

Original title:  Neobicno obicno vece

This play has gone around the world performing at many capital cities.  There isn't a theatre play that has performed at Moscow, Vienna, Longan, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Johannesburg, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Wellington, Aukland, Beijing and many other world cities.

Can't hurt

Original title:  Ne moze da skodi
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic

'Can't hurt' is a treat for the lovers of theatre.  Specific kind of comedy, abundance of laughter and original and freakish stories.  Cabaret where you are the most important guest - perfect combination with Lane.


Same time next year

Original title: Dogodine u isto vreme
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic and Nela Mihailovic

Considering we don't have any secondary, let alone primary historical sources from the biblical times, we're at liberty to accept the mythical 'fact' that eternal Eve seduced Adam on a Friday.  As we know, she picked the apple from the Garden of Eden, and offered that perfectly shaped and tempting object that remind of female contours.  And not just that - Adam and Eve bit into it at the same time - in doing so their lips touched, and this was the first described kiss in history.  Further repercussions stem from this kiss.  'Same time next year' is one of the countless ironic and comedic variations within the framework of the eternal dramaturgy of this couple.  The apple itself is the embodiment of the two halves of the apple, the perfect shape that's always in demand with the seeds in the shape of pentagram - the symbol of a human being.