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Floral Tale

Original title:  Cvetna Bajka
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic - Milikic

This children's play 'Floral Tale' is intended for children up to 12 years old.  Vesna Stankovic - Milikic plays Cvetana, the Goddes of flowers who travels on her floral carriage around the world, and through song and dance creates magic so flowers can grow.  Unfortunately her carriage breaks down and she falls into a crowd of children.  She starts telling them educational and entertaining stories about flowers, how the flowers grow, how you gift flowers to people, plant bon-ton, plant horoscope, etc... and with the help of the children she creates magic to fix the broken carriage.  There are lots of songs and it runs for 45-60 minutes.  The stories adjust to the age of children.

Lina, tougher than stone

Original title:  Lina, tvrdja od kamena
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic

'Lina, tougher than stone' and a true story about a hard and shattering life of the author's grandmother Lina, from her adolescence, through adulthood, all the way to old age.  Through Lina's life story, full of unexpected and life-directed turns, happy and tragic twist of events, we follow not just her personal story but also the historical events that she endured while going through life:  the start of the 20th century, 1st and 2nd World Wars, and post-war periods.  Although Lina's narrative is full of suffering, tragedy and death, it's also somewhat a glorification of life and vital human power and energy that keeps you going even through roughest challenges, it raises you above, protects you with a weaved matter that is harder than the hardest stone.  Through this monodrama, the audience follows Lina and how she transforms from a young girl full of life and happiness into firstly a young adult woman, then into a woman devastated by life tragedies, all the way into a strong, mature personality that wasn't broken by the sufferings, but became stronger and stable with a wealth of life wisdom.  The play is symbolic and magnifies iconic strength of life that triumphs above loss and trouble.

The best spice in a different way

Original title:  Najbolji je zacin na drugi nacin
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic

Hilarious comedy play

Cabares Cabarei

Original title:  Cabares Cabarei
Played by:  Zijah Sokolovic

Zijah A Sokolovic with his outstanding verbal and acting abilities, using master mimes and complete control of his voice, takes the audience from irrepressible laughter to cold abomination, plays with the feelings and opinions of the audience, takes them to the edge of endurance, while twisting the two very important themes - love and death.  His mimical, body language and verbal variations on the subject of 'Institution' such as politics and marriage, followed by mocking the morals, marital relationships, political banalities, daily nonsense and reminds us of their existence - it sparks laughter, spontaneous applause, recapturing the essence of the idea and in the end, ovations from the audience that after two hours of non-stop program is wondering how is it possible to maintain such deep acting concentration and condition.  It's actually near impossible to explain the work the unquestionable king of monodrama has been delivering over the last 21 years with great success and ardency.

Mixed Marriage

Original title:  M(j)esoviti brak
Played by:  Dara Dzokic and Mima Karadzic

'Mixed Marriage' is a story about marriage between a Montenegrin man and a Serbian woman, temporarily working in Switzerland, who decide to celebrate their 20th anniversary in a hotel at Lake Constance.  The night brings retrieval of memories from the time spent together.  They came to a realisation that the situation at the Balkans has impacted their own lives, while on the other hand their sons are influenced by the western trend - one is a skinhead with a girlfriend by the surname of Artukovic, the other a punk who's girlfriend is from Morocco, with brown skin.  Dzokic and Karadzic effortlessly carry the dialogue, full of witty replicas, and unavoidably juicy Serbo-Montenegrin vocabulary.  Although forced to laugh constantly, the audience finds time to compare with their own lives and circumstances which have voluntarily or not entered their lives.